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Import a theme

This guide provides instructions on how to import a theme into your workspace folder using the toolkit. The theme should be in a .zip file format and located in your workspace folder.


Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  • You have the toolkit installed and accessible in your terminal. If this is not the case, refer to the toolkit installation guide for instructions on how to install it.
  • You have an existing workspace folder already setup. If you don't have a workspace folder, refer to the Set up your workspace section for instructions on how to set it up.
  • A theme .zip file in your workspace folder. If you don't have a theme .zip file, refer to the Downloading a Theme section for instructions on how to download one from your marketplace.

Importing a Theme

Follow these steps to import a theme:

  1. Open your terminal.

  2. Change your current directory to your workspace folder. This is also the folder where your theme .zip file should be located.

  3. Run the sfb-toolkit command with the import option, followed by the path to the .zip file, the marketplace path, and the theme name:

sfb-toolkit import [pathtozip] [marketplacepath] [themename]

Replace [pathtozip], [marketplacepath], and [themename] with your specific values.

The theme will be imported into the /themes directory in your workspace folder after the command executes.


For instance, if your theme .zip file is, your marketplace path is, and you want your theme to be named mynewtheme, the command would be:

sfb-toolkit import mynewtheme

After running this command, you can find the imported theme in the /themes/mynewtheme directory.

Downloading a Theme

If you don't have a theme .zip file, you can download one from your marketplace by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your marketplace with a user account that has the marketplace manager role.

  2. Go to the /branding/themes page.

  3. Locate the theme you want to download. Click on the menu icon (represented by three vertical dots) in the theme's row and select Download version. This action will open a new page.

  4. Click on the Download button on the newly opened page once your theme .zip file is ready. Ensure you download the theme into your workspace folder.

After downloading the theme, you can proceed with the importing steps.

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