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Create Custom Pages in your theme

You can create custom pages as required and add them to your theme. You can use custom pages to convey any information that is not included in the base theme. For example, you could create pages that only list special offers or new products, or to display information that comes from an external source.

This topic explains the basic procedure to add a custom page. The process of page customization follows the same principles as any other HTML page in the theme.

To create a custom page

  1. In the /themeName/content/pages/custom folder, create an HTML file named for the custom storefront page. For example, specialoffers.html.

  2. To access a custom page

    In a browser, enter the path to the custom page in the following format, without the .html extension:


    For example, for a custom page named specialoffers.html:


For additional details about how to build pages, see the following topics:

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