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Add components to your storefront theme

To add a component to a page template, add a component HTML tag like this:

    <component name="ImageBanner" id="ImageBanner"></component>

Components Properties

  • name The exported name of the component.
  • id A chosen unique identifier across all pages to identify the component.

Use the Storefront Builder visual editor

To use the WYSIWYG editor, place the component on a supported page template so that the editor can detect it. These are the pages that the editor currently supports:

  • content/pages/home/home.html
  • content/pages/listing/listing.html
  • content/pages/profile/profile.html
  • content/pages/profile/profile-editions.html

You can add components to any theme template file (layout, macros, or pages) and it will be rendered properly, but WYSIWYG capabilities are restricted to the pages above.

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