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General page objects

The following data is available for use on all storefront pages:

  • Configuration data
  • Metadata
  • Common data
  • Navigation data
  • Internationalization data

Configuration data

The config object contains various marketplace settings, user data, and storefront configuration.

currencyContains the current marketplace currency in ISO three-letter format, for example USD
localeContains information about the storefront locale

* code: ISO language-country code pair, for example en-US
* current: Plain-language description of the locale, for example English (United States)
* available: List of all available locales for the storefront, including code and current values for each
userContains information about the current user

* isLoggedIn: Indicates whether the current user is logged in
* attributes: Object that contains user attributes
* companyUuid: Unique identifier of the current company
* customUserAttributes: Object that contains custom user attributes
* customerContractEditionUuids: Array of user contract unique identifiers
* email: User's email address
* given_name: User's first name, for example John
* family_name: User's last name, for example Smith
* name: User's full name, for example John Smith
* isLoggedIn: Indicates whether the current user is logged in
* picture: User picture
* roles: Array of user roles
* userUuid: User unique identifier
marketplaceNameThe marketplace name
logoThe marketplace logo
googleAnalyticsIdIf your marketplace supports Google Analytics, this property contains the ID
channelSettingsContains various default marketplace settings, such as URLs for privacy policies and terms and conditions pages, technical support contact information, and marketplace capabilities
listingEndpointRelative path to the product listing page, for example /en-US/listing
pageIdPage ID, for example home


The meta object contains page metadata as well as some marketplace settings.

titleAutomatically generated page title
descriptionDefined metadata description
keywordsDefined metadata keywords
authorPartner name
baseUrlMarketplace base URL
imageMeta image URL

Common data

The common object contains FAQ items, links, and search bar information.

faqSee Help page objects
linksArray of URLs and labels for custom privacy policy, terms and conditions, and support pages
searchBarContains search bar placeholder text

The nav object contains page navigation data.

primarySee Product browsing page objects
secondaryArray of labels and URLs for the home, product listing, and product line (if applicable) pages

Internationalization data

The i18n object contains a list of translation keys that s can use to localize the storefront. See Create and manage translation keys.

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