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Storefront Toolkit Changelog


Storefront Toolkit CLI to power up building your custom theme for AppDirect's Marketplace.


  • Node 10.x or 12.x for versions 1.x.x to 3.0.6
  • Node 16.x or 18.x for versions 4.x.x or newer

Release Notes:


  • Fixed sfb-toolkit status command to show correct paths.

How to use

The idea behind Toolkit CLI is similar to how git CLI has been made. Developers can have multiple themes in a single environment.

sfb-toolkit setupCreates a new project/environment where Developer can store themes
sfb-toolkit create [name]Creates a new theme
sfb-toolkit checkout [name]Changes context to the theme [name]
sfb-toolkit aboutLists existing themes
sfb-toolkit statusGives information about current configuration
sfb-toolkit updateUpdate current theme's configuration
sfb-toolkit startStarts local server with current theme on https://localhost:3555/en-US/home
sfb-toolkit packageCreates a .zip file with current theme files
sfb-toolkit storybook[Deprecated] Start storybook for the currently selected theme
sfb-toolkit install [module]Installs npm module in the currently selected theme
sfb-toolkit componentsSetup custom components
sfb-toolkit components-infoCustom components information
sfb-toolkit components-copyCopy UI library custom components
sfb-toolkit components-deleteDelete copied UI library components
sfb-toolkit components-addAdd a new custom components
sfb-toolkit import [themePath] [marketplacePath] [themeName]Imports a theme
sfb-toolkit versionShows version of sfb-toolkit

Other Resources

This Repository is owned and maintained by UI Platform team @ AppDirect Inc.

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