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Add-On Store

The AppDirect Add-On Store offers almost 40 complementary partner solutions and integrations that enhance the capabilities of your marketplace, and connectors to leading SaaS solutions across CRM, marketing automation and more.

Businesses can combine add-on services to solve specific business problems related to accepting payments online, supporting self-serve sales and support, and expanding their product portfolio. To browse through all of the available solutions, go to the Add-On Store.

How each service is deployed depends on the service that you choose. Some services can be configured in the AppDirect user interface. Others might require professional services support from AppDirect or the partner. You can find deployment details in each solution's profile..

The following procedure describes how to start the process of deploying an add-on by providing your contact details.

To contact AppDirect to discuss an add-on for your business

  1. Go to the AppDirect Add-On Store. The Add-On Store page opens.

  2. Click the All Products tab. The Browse Products page opens.

  3. Browse through the solution tiles or through the product categories and solution areas in the left pane to find an add-on that meets your needs. You can also use search to find an application.

  4. Click an add-on icon. The overview page for your selected add-on opens.

  5. Click Contact Us. The Let's Connect page opens.

  6. Enter your contact information and a message, then click Send. After you send your contact request, AppDirect will contact you.

Alternatively, you can contact your AppDirect account team directly to discuss your needs.

For more information, see the Add-On Store FAQs on the Contact Us page.

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