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AppDirect status page service definitions

The following table describes the outage status definitions for various services.

To see the status of the services in EU region see - AppDirect Europe Status
To see the status of the services in US region see - AppDirect Americas Status

ServiceService Outage Definition
Authentication and AccountsOutage in this service prevents users from logging into their Marketplaces.
CommerceProduct ManagementOutage in this service impacts various subscription events, ISV communication, user assignment/unassignment, publishing products, and updating product integrations.
CheckoutOutage in this service prevents users from completing the checkout/purchase flow.
Reseller & Advisor ExperienceOutage in this service impacts either one of the following two flows that are heavily used by Resellers/Advisors:
  • Opportunities/Quotes flow
  • Advisor/Reseller dashboard
BillingOutage in this service impacts the following features:
  • Payments (commissions payout)
  • Payment connectors
  • Invoices
  • Tax
  • Subscriptions
Monthly billing runs may be affected, directly impacting purchase orders creation. Users may not be able to finalize a purchase or a Quote, and may not see correct pricing and related calculations while purchasing or renewing products/services. This service validates every SaaS purchase for all user types.
StorefrontOutage in this service impacts the core architecture of the e-commerce website prior to the checkout stage such as:
  • Managing theme template and assets
  • Product APIs
  • Providing marketplace data
  • Marketplace products
  • Visual editor
  • Page headers
This service enables users to create and manage their own website within the AppDirect Platform.
PlatformOutage in this service impacts the entire platform, users will not be able to access or interact with the Marketplace.
Vendor IntegrationsMicrosoftOutage in this service prevents users from being able to perform transactions on Microsoft products
GoogleOutage in this service causes Google subscription orders to fail, and license assignment (or unassignment) will not work.
Infrastructure as a ServiceOutage in this service leads to disruptions in selling, managing, and billing IaaS products on our platform.
Other VendorsOutage in this service causes the following subscription orders to fail:
  • Google
  • Adobe
  • Cisco
  • Zoom
  • Dropbox
Search, Feed, and InsightsOutage in this service leads to users not being able to receive feeds for events on the Marketplace (like invoice paid, orders created, and such) or view dashboards.
Advisor ServicesOutage in this service results in Advisors not being able to process tickets, quotes, or orders for the business.

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