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Use the Search API to consolidate information from different sources into a single database on the AppDirect platform. Use APIs to query the database. The Search API only returns resources that the user has access to based on the permissions set on each resource.

Getting Started

  1. Select the appropriate grant types and scopes for your use case. See Grant types and Scopes.

  2. Create an API client to use with the AppDirect API. See API clients.

  3. Authenticate your client. See API Authentication.

  4. Test your API calls with your access token using a third-party API IDE, for example Postman.

Working with Search APIs

  • Use our Hosted GraphQL Explorer to test your queries and mutations.

  • Connect users and products to the Search service.

  • Integrate with our APIs to send us data for Search.

  • Query the dataset to get search and feed results.

  • Build front-end experiences to display results for your audiences.

API Reference

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