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Checkout provides a way for customers to make purchases. AppDirect’s Checkout APIs can be leveraged to build transactional flows, without having to integrate or rely on AppDirect’s frontend so you can craft ordering flows that fit your needs. AppDirect Checkout uniquely supports a wide range of pricing scenarios (one-time, subscription, contract) and many features designed to support complex digital products.

The checkout flow

In order to use Checkout APIs to extend cart management functions, it is essential to configure authentication, set up a user and account/company base, and add products so that this foundation can be used to call the checkout APIs.

If you look at the entire end-to-end flow for Checkout, the first phase involves setting up user and account details. This information is then used to work with various cart-specific APIs.

The following conceptual diagrams provide a breakdown of the various steps involved and why they are important in how checkout flows work end-to-end.

User and account creation

Headless checkout flow

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