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Use the Insights API to consolidate information into a dataset on the AppDirect platform and then define metrics that query a dataset so you can use the results to measure, track and visualize your information.

You can also use metrics to retrieve data from the dataset in JSON format and integrate it with external platforms.

Getting Started

  1. Select the appropriate grant types and scopes for your use case. See Grant types and Scopes.

  2. Create an API client to use with the AppDirect API. See API clients.

  3. Authenticate your client. See API Authentication.

  4. Test your API calls with your access token using a third-party API IDE, for example Postman.

Working with Insights APIs

  • Use our Hosted GraphQL Explorer to test your queries and mutations.

  • Define datasets with attributes and consolidate information into the dataset on the AppDirect platform.

  • Retrieve data for defined metrics and present the information in visualizations.

API Reference

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