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Product information


Use the Product information GraphQL APIs to create, update, and download products including product shells, editions and pricing plans. Use these APIs to bulk create, update, and download products in the staging catalog.


Product Information APIs are in 'Preview' with limited capability. Product Publish APIs are not available yet.

Getting Started

  1. Select the appropriate grant types and scopes for your use case. See Grant types and Scopes.

  2. Create an API client to use with the AppDirect API. See API clients.

  3. Authenticate your client. See API Authentication.

  4. Test your API calls with your access token using a third-party API IDE, for example Postman.

Working with Product information APIs

  • Use our Hosted GraphQL Explorer to test your queries and mutations.

  • Manage products including product branding, edition branding and pricing information.

  • Manage product integrations for different events for example create, upgrade, and cancel.

API Reference

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