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Product API guide


This part of the GraphQL API is currently in Early Availability status. For more information, see GraphQL API policy.

You can use GraphQL APIs to create basic product definitions, which you can then complete in the marketplace.

This guide provides information for vendors to get started with product development using GraphQL by defining the product shell, editions, and pricing plans that form the framework for a product. After the framework is in place developers must complete the process in the user interface, as a user with the Developer or Marketplace Manager role.

When the product definition is complete, the developer submits a request to the Marketplace Manager to publish the product to the Production catalog.

The overall sequence of steps is as follows. See the topics for mutation examples:

  1. Create the product shell
  2. Add listing and profile information
  3. Create editions
  4. Create pricing plans
  5. Create an integration configuration
  6. Publish


Before you can create products using GraphQL APIs, you must complete the following steps:

  • Join a marketplace company and have the Developer role. Contact your Company Administrator if you do not have this role.
  • Obtain API client credentials from the Marketplace Manager. The API client must use OAuth 2.0 and use the ROLE_DEVELOPER scope.


Product APIs are in the Early Availability release status and have the following limitations:

  • Product publication is not supported. For a list of supported product types, see ProductTypeInput in the reference documentation.

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