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User and Account Management

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) GraphQL API provides tools for user and account management. The topics in this section describe the various components of the IAM data model and how they relate to one another, and provide guides for common GraphQL API calls.

The IAM GraphQL API currently enables you to query and modify the users, accounts, and memberships in your marketplace in different ways. You can create marketplace accounts, add users to the accounts (which creates account memberships), and manage user roles, which determine user permissions in different accounts.

You can use the IAM GraphQL API to do the following:

Data Model

The GraphQL API works with the marketplace IAM Data Model, with a few qualifications:

  • The GraphQL API uses the term “Account” instead of “Company”. Companies are called Accounts, and Company Memberships are called Account Memberships.
  • There are currently no GraphQL APIs for Groups or Invitations.
  • Instead of combining different fields, the GraphQL API uses a single status field to represent the status of Users, Accounts, and Account Memberships.

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