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Demo GraphQL API Explorer


To run production and preview queries and mutations, AppDirect customers can use the GraphQL Explorer from within their marketplace, with their marketplace data.

Everyone can use this query-only demo Explorer to try the AppDirect Platform GraphQL API. The demo uses sample data.

Demo limitations
  • To prevent changes to the sample data, you cannot run mutations.
  • Currently, production queries are supported; the preview schema and APIs are not supported.
  • Currently, the sample data supports all production API queries except Visualization queries, which return empty API responses.
How to use the Demo GraphQL API Explorer
  • To send the default Me query, click the arrow icon. The response displays sample user account data, as if you were querying your own account.
  • To build queries, select checkboxes and fields. Then, click the arrow icon.
  • To find schema type descriptions and supported fields, click < Docs to display the Documentation Explorer. Then, search the schema.

To learn more about the GraphQL Explorer window and commands, see GraphQL Explorer.

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