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This feature is currently in Early Availability (EA) status. For more information, see our product lifecycle phases.

Accessing Company, User, and Settings Data

This guide concentrates on Bootstrap Data, a hook that grants access to various marketplace configurations and user details. Utilizing this data enables you to tailor a more personalized experience for your users. Let's get started!

How to Access

Included with the extensions is a hook that allows you to access an extensive array of marketplace configurations and user details. To retrieve this data, employ the useMarketplaceContext hook.

import useMarketplaceContext from "../../hooks/useMarketplaceContext";

const App = (): JSX.Element => {
const { bootstrap, tenant, locale } = useMarketplaceContext();

Bootstrap Data Contents

The bootstrap data comprises a JSON object that includes the following details:

  • User information: Fundamental data about the logged-in user, including their name and email address.
  • Company information: Essential information about the user's company, like the company name and address.
  • Marketplace settings: Details about the marketplace, such as its name, active features, theme, and locale.
"metaDescription": "Marketplace allows you to use and manage business applications in one simple and secure platform, from anywhere.",
"metaKeywords": "Marketplace, saas, applications, marketplace, web-based apps, business apps",
"metaNoIndex": false,
"analyticsId": "UA-12234234838-2",
"marketPlaceName": "AppDirect Marketplace",
"theme": "appsmart",
"locale": "en-US",
"localeLanguage": "en",
"dateFormat": "MM/DD/YY",
"dateTimeFormat": "MM/DD/YY h:mm:ss a",
"defaultCurrency": "USD",
"defaultCountry": "US",
"currencyFormats": {
"USD": {
"symbol": "$",
"decimal": ".",
"thousand": ",",
"precision": 2,
"format": "%s%v"
"UserInfo": {
"profilePic": null,
"name": "Name",
"email": "",
"idpUuid": "6708c6a1-5f6a-4aeb-9b8a-79sdfsdf71b",
"hasIdpAccountsMarketplace": false,
"verified": true,
"locale": "en_US",
"tester": false,
"currency": "USD",
"ownedPartners": [],
"user_id": "7dd3d02d-b269-4970-912c-d6asdasd97",
"given_name": "John",
"family_name": "Smith",
"company_id": "3dc98547-47dd-47bb-9b01-4562342342342e6",
"roles": [
"attributes": {},
"customUserAttributes": {},
"customUserAttributesIds": {}
"CompanyInfo": {
"uuid": "3dc98547-47dd-47bb-9b01-4569be3412e6",
"name": "AppDirect",
"partner": "APPSMART",
"contactInformation": {
"street1": "3128 Highwoods Blvd",
"street2": "Ste. 140",
"city": "Raleigh",
"state": "NC",
"zip": "27604",
"country": "US",
"phone": "866-456-3211"
"salesOpportunitiesEnabled": false,
"salesLeadsEnabled": false,
"resellersCanCreateCompanies": true,
"resellersCanManageCustomers": true,
"externalIdentifier": "d8dde0c9-1e34-4dd1-a352-81bb55e62601",
"passwordPolicy": "password.policy",
"passwordPolicyRegex": "(?=.{8,})((?=.*\\\\d)|(?=.*\\\\W))((?=.*[A-Z])|(?=.*[a-z])).*",
"onlyAdminsCanBuy": true,
"importAppsEnabled": true,
"importAppsLimit": -1,
"importedAppsCount": 110,
"companyWideBilling": false,
"channelAdmin": true,
"vendor": true,
"reseller": false,
"allowMembershipCreationByMarketplaceUsers": false,
"companySsoOverrideEnabled": true,
"directoryConnectorEnabled": true
"partner": "MYPARTNER",
"linkedPartnerUrl": null,
"companyName": "MyCompany",
"allowSalesAgentEnterPaymentDetails": true,
"accountInvoiceV2Enabled": true,
"invoiceTemplatesEnabled": false,
"approvesUserContent": true,
"currency": "USD",
"currencies": [
"hideAllUI": false,
"hideQuestions": true,
"hideSupportSection": false,
"supportRequired": false,
"featuresRequired": true,
"identityProvider": false,
"includeCaptchaInRegistration": false,
"localeTags": [
"defaultLocale": "en-US",
"defaultLocaleCountry": "US",
"defaultLocaleCountryIso3": "USA",
"minimumReviewsForRating": 1,
"oneClickTrialEnabled": false,
"channelDecidesIfOnlyAdminsCanBuy": false,
"allowExternalValidation": false,
"collectPurchaseRequestDetails": true,
"partnerName": "AppDirect",
"recaptchaPublicKey": null,
"reviewRequirePurchase": true,
"displayTaxBreakdown": false,
"displayTaxSubtotal": false,
"flatTaxRate": null,
"supportContactUrl": "",
"supportUrl": "",
"supportPhone": "833-427-7762",
"supportEmail": "",
"privacyPolicyUrl": "",
"legalDetailsUrl": null,
"termsUrl": "",
"trustedProviders": [],
"cmsCurrencies": [
"hideSignupLinks": false,
"capabilities": [
"hideCustomerInfoFromDevelopers": false,
"supportedProductTypes": [
"zipCodeValidationEnabled": false,
"vatIdValidationEnabled": false,
"SERVER_TIME_ZONE": "-04:00",
"DATE_PICKER_FORMAT": "mm/dd/yy",
"languages": {
"da": "Dansk",
"de": "Deutsch",
"en-US": "English (United States)",

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