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Creating AIs

With AppDirect AI, you can create highly personalized AI-powered assistants that cater to the daily operational needs of your business. By providing instructions, configuring knowledge bases, and training the AI, you can ensure that it provides you with the most relevant data. For instance, if you need an AI for customer support, you can utilize the data and resources that your customer-facing teams have to train the AI. Once configured, you can engage with the AI to address customer queries and issues.

To create a new AI:

  1. Click Create on the sidebar.
  2. On the Character tab, specify some general information and instructions for your AI. The description is used to generate profile and training instructions for your AI.
  3. Click Create My AI to generate a profile picture and training information for your AI.


  1. Enter a name, introductory prompt text, and select a category that aligns best with your AI's functions.

  2. In the Visibility field, select a visibility level for your AI:

    • Restricted - only visible to you.
    • My Organization - only visible to members of your organization.
    • Anyone with the link - visible to anyone who has a link to the AI.
  3. Under the Training section, enter a description for the AI and use this information to generate training information and other instructions for your AI. Enter detailed and specific descriptions about the AI to generate relevant training information and instructions.

Note: You can still make revisions to the text in these fields to tailor instructions. The inputs that you provide in the above mentioned fields are are important as they define the key behaviors and functions of an AI.

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