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Working with AIs

Interactions with an AppDirect AI are made through chat conversations. To start a new chat with an AI, click on an AI on your Homepage. This can be one that you have created. If you already have ongoing conversations, click the Chat tab to view all your current chats.

On the chat page, enter a question or prompt in the message box located at the bottom of the page to get a response from the AI. There is no limit to the prompts you can input per conversation. You can revisit earlier conversations and resume them at any point in time. This eliminates the need to set a context.


At present, AIs can only process text-based prompts. For optimal results, try to frame prompts that are aligned with the knowledge bases or data stores you have configured. In case you don't get the intended response, you can try new inputs and instructions. Through such engagement, AIs constantly learn and add new information to their knowledge base.

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